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1st-Jun-2009 09:23 pm - Chiang Mai in a nutshell
Holler at SE Asia!

Things have been great since we left BKK.  To recap:

Chiang Mai:  Our original flight from BKK was cancelled, so we got to spend an additional 4 hours in the BKK airport before actually flying to Chiang Mai.  Lovely.  Once we got there, we started off at cooking school, which was great.  They had to roll us out of there.  They taught us how to make six dishes and we ATE THEM ALL.  It was intense and delicious, the best kind of experience.  The Baan Orapin was nice, and we randomly met another couple from Seattle.  And I didn't think I would meet another person from the States, even.  The next day we explored the town and drank guave shakes.  There was also a great Saturday market where I spent all too much moneys (probably $30) and ate a lot of quail eggs.

On Sunday we, according to Sang's requests, went for an elephant ride in the hills outside of Chiang Mai.  While the ride itself was fun (no seatbelts, mom!), it was kind of sad to see the conditions that the elephants lived in.  They were mostly chained up, etc.  But, pushing those thoughts aside, it was just like the circus!  Woo hoo! We then trekked through the jungle  through a couple of hill tribe villages (strategically placed by the Thailand Tourist Authority, no doubt) and swam in a waterfall.  All good.

We then flew back to BKK on Monday, where we had to stall to wait for our flight to Cambodia.  Which will be my next entry when I'm sufficiently lubricated with alcohol.
19th-May-2009 07:23 pm - Bangkok, Betches
Hoy-yo!  I'm in Bangkok!

After a long 11 hours from San Fran to Tokyo then a nearly missed connection and another 7 hours to Bangkok, Sang and I are finally here in Bangkok.  We're staying at a really nice little boutique number on Surawong in the Silom area conveniently nestled between boystown and the red light district.  Everyone is really nice and I have really learned that a smile (plus a little, "Um, could you PLZ turn on your taxi meter.") works wonders in SE Asia.

We walked a lot today...started off at Wat Po, site of a really massive reclining Buddha, then moved on to walk through Banglamphu and get a lot of each cute, shelled fruit we could find (Mangosteen, Lychee, Rambutan).  We ate those on the street then took a cab to Wat Saket, or Golden Mountain.  We then meandered our way through streets paved (almost literally) with Buddhist parephanelia and got some iced coffee.  Now Sang is asleep, presumably due to jet-lag, and I am on beer number 5!

Life is good.
11th-May-2009 12:33 am - Hoy-yo!

Things are jolly here.  Lots of things are going well lately.  In fact, last week there were interesting happenings at work.  I was offered a job at my company's corporate office. In Beijing.  OMG.  So I'm going to delay my decision until August, when I quit.  Oops.  It makes me feel good that my work at my quickly disintegrating company has garnered respect and appreciation from opposite shores of the world, but not good enough that I would give a big, "Fuck it," to grad school and move to FUCKING CHINA. 

Wow, I need to buy the "Flirty Girl Fitness" dvd series, clearly.

In other news, in one week from today, I will be on a plane bound for Southeast Asia with my boo.  It's been over three years since I've been to Thailand and Cambodia, and I am super stoked.  I will also see Erin, my academic twin who does everything better than I, in Siem Reap for some Angkor Wattage.  We always seem to meet up in foreign countries; we studied abroad in Japan at the same time, and she lived in a shit town in Korea while I was in a different shit town teaching English.  ALSO, I will not be staying at shitty hostels.  I was given the job/privilege of planning EVERYTHING for Sang and my trip, and he is decidedly not about staying in shitty guest houses in Banglamphu/Khao San Backpacker Ghetto.  Therefore henceforth per se, we are staying in 40USD per night 4 star hotels.  I bring the sass, he brings the condoms.

I'm also really weirded out by the shooting at Wesleyan.  I don't know how to process it emotionally, you know?  The fact that something like that happened at a place so familiar to me is really fucking weird.  I have tried talking to Anna and Jackie (my senior year housemates) about it, but conversation typically degenerates to weird skin ailments and reality tv.  Honesty works, y'all!

Not much else going on around here.  I'm listening to a lot of Miley Cyrus.

13th-Apr-2009 11:50 pm - Really Exciting News
OK, I'm going to SE Asia, y'all! Sang and I just bought plane tickets to Bangkok for May 17 - June 6.  I couldn't be more excited.  First of all, Sang will be moving back to Seattle immediately afterward, and second, I get to be in SE Asia for 3 weeks!  I'm going to fly down to SFO, stay a night, then fly via NRT to BKK.  Originally we were going to have a night in Tokyo, but it didn't work out.  Anyway, Sang is giving me pretty much free range on planning our trip.  So far I'm thinking Bangkok, then Luang Prabang in Laos, then Siem Reap (for Angkor Wat goodness), then Ko Pha Ngan for some beach time.  I just hope this political upheaval going on in Bangkok right now doesn't affect my trip.  Whatever, if anything, it will make hotel prices cheaper.  Pff, proletariat discontent.

Also, I had my MBA admit weekend last Thursday through Saturday.  Met some cool people.  Not many douchebags, surprisingly.  Not feeling motivated enough to talk about it, aside from hearing about how La-z-boy has the worst marketing scheme EVER.  Hoy-yo!  In other news, I hate econ.

Erin and I are starting a pool to predict when Kim Jong Il will die.  $20 bucks gets you in, then hermetically seal your prediction (month, year) and send it to my mother.  We think it's a good idea.  For those of you who have seen the recent pictures of the dear leader, you understand.
2nd-Apr-2009 12:08 am - Why I love laundry..
I did laundry tonight.  In fact, I do it twice a week, most of the time.  I just love doing it.  Well, more than anything, I love folding it once it's done.  So satisfying for my OCD.  Everything can be perfect.

I'm humiliated, but I'm watching the Real World right now.  It's such a terrible show, made even more terrible that I've several years older than anyone even appearing on it.  Ugh...A long time ago I applied to be on it, and made it somewhat far in casting.  Gross.  Gross.  Anyway, I'm glad I didn't decide to (or had someone to decide for me) decimate my future career by appearing on some lame-ass tv show.  That I willingly applied to be on...Dammit.  Also, to further contradict myself, I would go on 'The Amazing Race' in a second.  Mostly because I would fucking win that shit.  I can learn a language in a hot second, y'all.

Work is gay.  I don't really want to address it, but this morning I received about 5 emails written in Russian, a language I neither read nor understand.  Apparently Russian was, "one of the languages that [I] speak," according to my boss.  Not so.  Neither is it possible for a citizen of Uzbekistan to receive a visa to study in Japan.  These are things (fairly obvious to someone in the bidnis of international education) that escape my boss.

Whatevs, I'm going to Cali in less than 48 hours to spend 48 hours with Sang.  I'm thrilled, so I will be able to make it somehow through the next 2 days of work...I think I'll also bring a book, which I will be able to read unless tomorrow I am presented with emails written in some similarly squiggly language (read: Farsi, Uyghur, Amharic) from my Swedish bosses in China.  Listen, y'all, peeps need to realize I'm all gook, all the time.
30th-Mar-2009 11:46 pm - Mon-daze
the face
Not much happening here.  Megan gave me a flattering shout-out in her lj tonight, regarding my ability to predict tv shows.  It's true.  I am really good at predicting TV.  I don't necessarily think this makes me smart.  Instead, it is reflective of the amount of tv I watch.  Oops.  Considering how busy my days are, I do manage to watch a staggering amount of tv every day.  I think it's a testament to my time-managing skills, more than anything else.  Hopefully my time management will transfer to business management school.  Ha ha.  Really, I'm hoping my ability to squeeze tv into my daily schedule continues into my foray into grad school.  Is it OK to use into twice in the same clause?  I was an English teacher...Probably the best one in my school.  That's a hollerback to the Korean privatized English education system.  Hootie hoo.

The Bad Girl's Club is really good, OK?

My day today started with an angry email from my Swedish boss in Beijing, re: how we are never at the office.  OK, so I leave the office every day at about 3:45, but I arrive about 30-45 mins. before everyone else, so I feel a bit justified.  Anyway, I won't be able to attend my Tues. or Thurs. spinning classes anymore.  But this means more running, which I think may be good?  Better training for my triathalon in July, anyway.  YES, I am doing a triathalon in July.  Liz, ChelanMan 2k9?  You wif me?  You will be all post-coital and married.  But (maybe?) not preggers yet!

Bohol seems to be out of the question, which means no playing with awesome endangered animals, but Thailand and Laos/Cambodge 2k9 is still in planning stages.  Sang and I are going to talk about it this weekend.  Read: Sang, can you buy me a plane ticket and I will pay you back with my expansive sexual skillset?  Hollerback.

I'm done.  There are animated insects on tv, and I need to giggle and clap.
26th-Mar-2009 12:38 am - Grad School, Artichokes
Again, it's been a while.  Oops.  Clearly I'm bad at blogging.

News with me:  I got in to grad school!  I got in to both of my programs, so I am a UW MBA candidate for the class of 2011 and an International Studies: Korea Studies candidate for 2012!  I'm super stoked.  I can't believe my life plan has fallen together so well, and I'm extremely thankful of...well...all the effort I put into my applications.  I shan't pass off my efforts onto some higher being.  Instead, I will attribute my acceptance to my incredible intellect (ha ha) and perseverance.  Now that I've been accepted to the only school I applied to, I have to face the fact that I am going to be working my ass off, full-time, in grad school for three years.  I will be poor, but holy in the shrine of academia.

Otherwise, my life has been going swimmingly.  Sang and I are doing really well.  We will have been together for three months tomorrow.  He is complementing me really well.  I've always thought that humanities people do really well with science people (if for no other reason than balance), and we seem to be conforming rather well to that idea.  I went to visit him in Salinas (aka Mexico) weekend before last and we had a fantastic time.  He took me whale watching, which was fun, aside from the whales not doing any fun tricks.  We also went to this restaurant that, aside from being famous for their cioppino (spelling, Bobby Flay?), had a whole section of their menu devoted to artichokes.  Knowing that artichokes turn me into a randy high school girl, Sang ordered all kinds of stuffed, roasted, buttered, battered, and otherwise objectified artichoke dishes.  It was a naughty weekend, to say the least.

I've been trying to convince myself that staying at my job until September is a good idea lately.  But, really, I just want to quit right now.  I could easily get a job in Korea for the summer, and perhaps even study a bit while I'm there. (I hear the Korean dept. at UW is a stickler for proficiency, which I need to attain by the time I finish my MAIS in Korea Studies before I graduate) But Sang is prolly moving back here after his short stint in Salinas in late May...  I'm thinking that language learning has always been easy enough for me that I'll just take Korean next year along with my MBA core and be fine.  Hooray for 14 hour academic days!  It sure has been a while.

Lastly, I may be going to Bohol, an island in the Philippines, for a week, with a possible 2 week jaunt in Thailand in late-May/early-June.  My current employer is likely to not pay for any vacation I don't take once I quit, so I had better take advantage of every chance at an international vacay that I can.  Right?

OMG I want more artichokes from the Central Valley right now.  From the tiny towns not overrun with Mexicans pipe-bombing each other, though.  That would be a plus.
19th-Feb-2009 12:13 am - Good Things, etc.
It's been awhile, I think mostly because I am at a loss of things to be angsty about.  I am actually really happy.  Well, I've been happy with my life for awhile now, but now I GOTSA MAN.  ManPlan 2K9 has worked incredibly quickly, in fact.  For those of you that don't know what ManPlan 2K9 was, please allow me to outline:

1) Starve
2) Meet a man because you are starving

It WORKED.  Not that I'm for all of that pro-anorexia bullshit, but...Actually, I've been eating healthily and exercising all the time, and, for some reason or another, the mens picked up on my hotness, finally.

Anyway, aside from all the problematic things I stated in the previous paragraphs, I've been doing really well.  Since L.A., Sang and I have consummated our relationship and are exclusive, etc...Blah blah homo relationship bullshit.  I shan't bore you with details aside from the fact that his new (fully furnished, I know, gross) apartment has a bed with a headboard and a fullsize mirror, and, well, it's fun.  Yay, commas!

But I'm happy.  We're doing the long distance thing for now because he's a travelling physical therapist and there were no PT jobs in Seattle to be had for the moment.  For you, Megan and co., that actually know I have a blog, I want to reinforce that I know I have been absent lately, and apologize for it.  I love you more than anything else, but sex is pretty amazing.  OMG SEX GIMME.

Hope all is well with everyone, aka Megan and co.
1st-Feb-2009 02:10 am - Gay Rights, hootie hoo

So the following is a facebook.com debate I've been having with an Elementary School classmate of mine.  Please let me know what you think:

His message (responding to my comment about a Prop 8 posting)
Hey Nick,

Thanks for your comment, and I hope things are well for you. I would respond more publicly, but I think commenting on one's own posting would be...arrogant, somehow.

You are probably aware of the great divide in morals between those who support homosexual marriage and those who don't. For the latter, allowing homosexuals to marry is an issue of civil rights. Do we have a right to marry, as we have a right to vote, or a right to be free from discrimination based on race? I don't really have an argument against that point--or at least, not on that level.

I don't think marriage is something only personal. I think it is also something a society requires, since in order for new society members to be made, they must be conceived, born, and raised (for something around 15-20 years). I think that only a male and a female can adequately do that. For this reason I reject the argument that forbidding homosexual marriage is like denying homosexuals the right to go to our schools, to speak freely, or anything else. It is simply not in our society's best interest.

I understand that for those who view this issue as one of civil rights, my argument probably seems facile. After all, there are unwanted children in adoption agencies and, on the surface, many gay couples are more fit to raise children than many heterosexual couples. It is on the principle that I disagree with gay marriage.

I should add at the end that I am not crusading to change America to mirror my values or ideas. If Proposition 8 is struck down, I think there will be few negative practical consequences, except perhaps a more cavalier attitude toward heterosexual marriage.

I apologize if I weighted your inbox with excess debate, but obviously I welcome the discussion. You seem to have traipsed a lot in the Far East, so though it is unlikely for me to leave Japan at this point, I'd welcome any recommendations you have,


My (super sexy) response: 
Today at 2:03am

I've been thinking about your response for a while and how to respond to it. To be honest with you, I, as a gay person, was fairly insulted by your response. In fact, I'm sure a lot of my straight friends would be insulted by it as well. I could sugar coat my response to you by saying that I respect your opinion on the topic, but, to be honest, I don't.

Personally, I would never want to get married. I think that an institution that has so historically been kept from LGBT people should be shunned by us. Because I don't need a title. I know that when I find a person I want to spend my life with, I won't need some evangelical to be FORCED to rectify it. I don't need to be accepted. No more than do I need to accept people who have views that put me into a position that is less than human.

However, there are many LBGT people that do want to get married. Our society has become vapid to the point where I can't imagine ideas toward marriage becoming any more cavalier than they are right now. How is a gay man's relationship with another man, therefore, legally less legitimate than a 60 hour marriage consummated in drunkenness or, even, in stupidity? Also, according to your views, should a straight couple completely disinterested in bearing children not be allowed to marry? Let me know if I'm off track, but it doesn't make sense to me.

This is beating a dead horse, I know, but if you don't see gay marriage as having "negative practical consequences," then why oppose it? The only "negative practical consequence" I see is preventing people from fulfilling a dream ingrained in every person from early childhood. Please let me know what the "negative practical consequences" are. I'm very curious.

I hope you are well, also. As long as you are in Japan (Iwakuni, maybe?) I suggest you go to Hagi. It's in Yamaguchi-ken (Iwakuni is there, also, I believe). They have some amazing pottery. Also, there is an amazing extant castle in Kochi, in Kochi-ken on Shikoku. If you get a chance, go over to Nagasaki. It's a great city.

All the best,
18th-Jan-2009 01:47 am - Skank Bags, etc.
To start off, I want to express my appreciation for "etc."  It helps me with my ramblings so much.  To be quite honest, my OCD and ADD are so severe that I feel the need to preface EVERYTHING with etc., or some Britney quote.  Because, really, she is more of a prophet, less of an artist.

So, Anna Brown, my BFF from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, is wif me right now, and it's fucking awesome.  Let me preface you about Anna Brown.  Wow, I have used the word 'preface' two times in this entry, and it exists right now as three sentences.  I'm really smart, y'all.  Not as smart as I would be if I were to use defenestrate or somethin' like that, but FUCK.  Anyway, Anna is a hot chick with a rad rack.  I get thumbs up from black guys all the time when I'm with her.  Yeah, I'm smooth like that Rob Thomas and Santana song.

Anyway, we decided to drive from Seattle to Monterey in one day. Anyone with a similar idea...It's a bad one.  We were drivin' (it needs to be abbreviated for the proper effect) for 16 hours.  Let me tell you, aside from the 'House of Mystery' (which we have yet to visit...but the prospect keeps us really excited) just north of Medford, Oregon, there is a whole lot of nothing south of Portland and north of San Fran.  The drive, on a whole, was pretty fucking gay.

However, Monterey was beautiful. I love John Steinbeck and we walked through Cannery Row.  Holler at american lit. 

We drove down Big Sur, or Grande South, whatevs.  It was fun. It's hot now.

The biggest news is that the boy I'm in love with has invited me on a weekend getaway to Portland next weekend.  Normally I would refuse, because Portland is full of ugly freaks, but because it is him, I'm totally stoked.  In fact, I bought him road trip presents.  Let me know if this is a bad present to buy someone you will imminently be having sex with: (also know that I'm crazy)

1) A pair of scandalous undies in his favorite color
2) A Chippendale's calendar

I feel like it's pretty much the best present ever purchased.  I also bought a lot of skivvies for myself.  Hence the skank bag.  I'm taking all of them on our vacay.  It took a really long time to get to the skank bag portion of the entry, but I feel like it was worth it.  At least for me. 


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